Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Collaboration with Roxanne Coombs

My collaboration with Roxanne Coombs was one of her interviewing me about my art work, and I did this illustration of a portrait picture of her.   Roxanne is doing the blog "Things that Annoy & Things to Enjoy".

Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Artist's Shoes: "Ghost Ranch"

The "Artist's Shoes" was a research project in my Colour Theory course.  An Artist was to be researched and a shoe was to be choosen that best represents the artist, and to be painted on to best reflect the particular artist style.  My artist choosen was Georgia O'keeffe.  I represented her style of charcoal abstract to the back of my shoe; to the middle, I represented her paintings of enlarged blossoms; and to the front of my shoe, I represented her tall  buildings showing perspective which were done usuallly with a night background. 

I then presented my shoes on sand with stones and wood, because it represents where Georgia spent the last years of her life, her favourite place, which gave her a lot of inspiration for many of her paintings , "Ghost Ranch" in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Collaboration with Donna-Mae Clarke


            Donna-Mae Clarke is a full time art teacher, artist,
            wife and mother of three children.She is involved in the 
            arts both visual and performing .I was very 
            honoured to have her critique my Graphic 
            Design movie poster.Here is what she has to say.

        The poster ‘Count Blackula’ advertises a Trinidad
        spoof film on the movie ‘Count Dracula’. The colour                                  scheme used was reds, black and white.The title of 
      the movie is very animated with the teeth forming the 
      letter ’C’ in the word Count. The negative space in the         middle provides breathing space for the heading at the
       top and sub heading at the bottom.  The use of the
       textured back ground works well with the heavy dripping red blood and the horizontal striped foreground. The focal point of the two vertically  standing couple is effective because of the solid black of the suit on the male figure, 
this acts as a good background to highlight the coloured patterned dress of the female figure.  This poster is an effective design capturing the message of the movie which is a comic version of the scary old theme of Count Dracula with a Trini flavour.

Collaborative Project with Allison Padilla-Alexander comparison with creativity in Fine Art and graphic design

Collaborative Project with Allison Padilla-Alexander comparison with creativity in Fine Art and graphic design

I (Donna Clarke) interviewed Allison Padilla-Alexander as part of my blog project to highlight creativity around us. She is a blend of an aspiring fine artist/ craftswoman and a young graphic designer. A common perception has been that creativity is different in the different art forms but as Allison correctly identifies creativity is one and the same to every artform, it is just the medium that is different.

Here is how the interview went:

What is your involvement with the arts? My involvement with the arts is represented by my drawings, craft projects and Graphic Designs using the computer.

Where do you get your creative ideas from to do your artwork?
I get my creative ideas for my artwork by brain storming, drawing thumb nails and sometimes by observing the environment and taking time to notice the unknown.

What do you think creativity is to a visual artist?
I think that creativity to a visual artist is much more than just seeing, it is more about forming and picturing an image in your mind and being able to execute the image in the way in which you visualize it.

What are the main differences if any between the creativity of a fine artist (drawing and painting) and a graphic designer?
I don't think there are any differences between a fine artist and a graphic designer’s creativity.The difference would stem from the different media by which they execute their artwork.

Do you as an artist think that creativity is any better achieved in any artform such as design vs a painter or dancer or musician?
I think that creativity has no limit. One can be critical of a piece of artwork from a designer or a painter, some might say that one is better than the other but that is a matter of personal preference and it is up to the eyes of the beholder to acknowledge the true creativity of the artists.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Black and White

In this illustration, I tried to play with positive and negative space. I love how the combination of black and white goes well together. It reminds me of the concept of yinyang, which expresses the interchange and interplay of two opposing components, most times opposite in nature, but rely on each other.  Yinyang  exists in everything.  The pairs can exist as in the moon and sun, cold and hot, passive and active, dark and bright, male and female...  Here I expressed it on a leaf.  You can look at it as a simple black and white leaf; or you can look at it as something more. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Floral Prints

Flowers are everywhere.  They are beautiful, diverse and amazing.  There are about 352,000 species of flowers throughout the world.  This week I am expressing my love of flowers in art.  I am excited to show off this brilliant arrangement of some very simple flowers in a simple pattern.

Here is my random floral abstract prints. This floral design is drawn on paper, using Prisma color pencils.  The brillant colours made the flowers look as if they would pop right out of the paper.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Snow White

Hi everyone, since I am posting my doll dresses this week I have decided to do a drawing of Snow White - one of Disney's princesses and one of my favourite princess character.  The first picture shows Snow White illustrated in animated black and white.   The second one shows the coloured version which was completed using Prisma colour pencils.

Doll Dresses

All little girls enjoy dressing their dolls.  I never thought I would be doing the same for a class at the tertiary level.  It became another moment where I brought out my crafty side (not to mention the little girl inside).   I had a fun-tabulous time making these dresses; I really enjoy making things with my hands. 

I made these doll dresses for an animation I did for school.  The assignment was to do an animation using two random words which we picked from a bag.  My words were "waterfall" and "line"; so I naturally decided to make a "Waterfall Line" of dresses and have the dolls model them on a cat walk which I also made out of card board and other things. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014


This sketch was done for a logo idea for a pet shop .The name of the pet shop was "Family Friends".I eventually scraped the idea and went with a simpler image but I liked the sketch anyway.


This week I am showcasing some portraits I did .  As you can see, I need help with shading techniques .and texture.  I am trying to learn new technique everyday so I will keep practicing and do some more portraits in the future.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Movie Poster

This week I have decided to showcase some of my Graphic Design work.  This was a Movie Poster I did for school in Photoshop.  The project was to come up with an original movie and create a poster for it.  The star of my movie was myself, of course, and my boyfriend who is seen here as the vampire.

Domino Effect

Domino Effect
"A series of similar or related events occurring as a direct and inevitable result of one initial event". (Collins English Dictionary).

This is my first graphic piece displayed on the site.  It was done in Adobe Illustrator. It was one of my class project, another work I feel obliged to share with you all.   Each student was given a word to create a design that best depicts the word.   My word was "domino".  

Friday, 10 October 2014


I've heard its called "mind mapping".  It is a wonderful depiction of one's vision or goals using pictures and words.  Despite being an assignment for one of my classes, it became a referral to help me stay focused.  This is a picture of my goals and how I see myself in the distant future.   The most important is my goal as a Graphic Design student.   I look forward to owning my Bachelor's Degree.  The other things within my periphery are important as well, but my main focus is finishing my degree.

This drawing is full of colour and depicts  a self portrait of myself in my graduation gown.  I am hopeful that this will true for I know the heavenly Father above will give me the strength and will to make it come true.  

Artfully Restoring My Old Mobile Case

Hi, everyone.  This week I though it would be nice to extend my creativity in the most unsuspecting ways.  My old mobile case was the perfect canvas for my ideas.  So instead of throwing it away, I restored it.  This is recycling at its best.

I used nail polish to paint my abstract design; a clear coat of nail polish was added last to seal and give the art a gloss look.  This project was fun to paint.  I had a few brilliant colours of nail polish to paint my design.  Colours that would definitely stand out anywhere.   However, while I  was working on it, I did not know how the final piece would turn out.  When it was done, I was totally pleased.  Now, this piece of work goes everywhere with me.  I think it turned out fine, what's your opinion?

Saturday, 4 October 2014


I am Roman Catholic.  I grew up in a catholic household and I still feel closely connected to it, even though I have found myself lapsed.  To be honest, I don't regularly practice my faith; it is unfortunate how I have found myself caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.  It is a poor excuse to say that I am a bit too busy for church and this drawing reminds me to slow down and don't forget to feed my spiritual needs as well.  Right now I am being challenged to act weekly on my determination to go to church.  .When I drew this piece; it was to depict (in my opinion) three sacred items that is associated with my catholic faith and beliefs.  They are the statue of the Virgin Mary, the crucifix and the rosary.

Orange Peel

This artwork depicts my mother peeling an orange at the table.  She was not actually by the table when she was peeling the orange, I just wanted to create a background for her hands,which was what I was actually practicing to draw. Drawing hands can be tricky sometimes because you have to get the right proportion and placement of the fingers.I enjoyed drawing this piece.I like the direction of the lines of  the runner on the table because of the sense of perspective and contrast they create to the drawing .

Friday, 26 September 2014

Apple On A Wall

Art is around you all you have to do is see it through your artistic eyes. I believe everyone has it, but it is just for you to explore and find it. In this piece I decided to explore different textures to create my artwork. I used simple textures around the house to start the process. I was amazed at the progress of the piece. I started by collecting a few tiles, bricks, biscuit tin covers and other surfaces and ended up with this piece.

Being happy with this artwork I plan on exploring this media some more. See you soon.

Death Bed

It was very tragic when I lost my husband as a result of a single gun shot wound to his head. This is one of my pieces depicting him on the hospital bed hooked up to the life support machine and me at the bedside crying with my head down. I know there were angels present so I drew and image of an angel hovering at his side. This piece was done in pastels. It was a very sad time in my life and I just wanted to capture this particular moment.

Death for me is now just a phase in life everyone has to go through whether or not they are prepared for it. After this tragic experience I now live my days to the fullest not knowing when the Creator will call my number.

So to all my readers, live life to the fullest. Life is too short. Stop the quarrels, make up with your significant other and just move on.

Gingerbread House, Queen's Park Savannah

This piece of Art work was done in pencil. I wanted to do a historic house. I am very fascinated with old long time houses and their design. The Gingerbread House around the Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain is my favourite one.To draw this house, I went to the Savannah and sat on a bench directly opposite the house. I was working on perspective. A number of passersby stopped and enquired about my drawing, it was very relaxing to sit outdoors and draw. I finished the fine details at home and this was the result. I know the perspective is not quite right in some aspects of the drawing but I like how it come out as a whole.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Aquatic Globe

My first post is this Aquatic Globe that was drawn using Prisma colour pencils. I love using these colour pencils because they are very vibrant and deliver top quality pigment and they layer and blend easily.My inspiration for this piece came from the fact that I love the ocean and the beach. I decided to capture an aquatic  under water scene showing perspective.This is one of my favourite pieces because when I look at it I feel relaxed .

Hello Everyone :)

I am a full time student currently pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design at the College of Science Technology and Tertiary Education of Trinidad and Tobago.I have a passion for art and creative stuff.I enjoy Drawing ,Craft and Graphic Designing .

 I have been contemplating for a while to share my art work with the world but I must admit I am a little shy because I know that there are many artistic people out there who are better than me.I had never gotten the opportunity to do art in secondary school or professionally so all my skills are self taught.I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to my blog.

Please feel free to peruse through my posts and make sure to add a comment or like. I welcome any suggestions or tips in my future endeavours.Thank you for stopping by, enjoy.