Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Artist's Shoes: "Ghost Ranch"

The "Artist's Shoes" was a research project in my Colour Theory course.  An Artist was to be researched and a shoe was to be choosen that best represents the artist, and to be painted on to best reflect the particular artist style.  My artist choosen was Georgia O'keeffe.  I represented her style of charcoal abstract to the back of my shoe; to the middle, I represented her paintings of enlarged blossoms; and to the front of my shoe, I represented her tall  buildings showing perspective which were done usuallly with a night background. 

I then presented my shoes on sand with stones and wood, because it represents where Georgia spent the last years of her life, her favourite place, which gave her a lot of inspiration for many of her paintings , "Ghost Ranch" in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


  1. I did this assignment as well, I chose Josef Albers who did the Homage to the Square. Sounds easy right? Little did I know, trying to get a perfect square using a shoe as your canvas is darn near impossible. I should have taken your route, using more organic subjects like flowers. You did a really great job, and I love the type of shoe you chose as well. It enhances the garden feel, sort of has a gardening boot feel to it.

  2. Thanks shan I really enjoyed doing this research project and painting the shoe.

  3. I love the shoes. It is very creative. You had me following the link to Georgia O'Keeffle. This post was very informative. I enjoyed it. Keep up the great work.