Friday, 10 October 2014

Artfully Restoring My Old Mobile Case

Hi, everyone.  This week I though it would be nice to extend my creativity in the most unsuspecting ways.  My old mobile case was the perfect canvas for my ideas.  So instead of throwing it away, I restored it.  This is recycling at its best.

I used nail polish to paint my abstract design; a clear coat of nail polish was added last to seal and give the art a gloss look.  This project was fun to paint.  I had a few brilliant colours of nail polish to paint my design.  Colours that would definitely stand out anywhere.   However, while I  was working on it, I did not know how the final piece would turn out.  When it was done, I was totally pleased.  Now, this piece of work goes everywhere with me.  I think it turned out fine, what's your opinion?


  1. Wow! That looks beautiful and far more interesting than the original! You're very creative!

    1. Thank you for your comments, much appreciated.