Sunday, 26 October 2014


This sketch was done for a logo idea for a pet shop .The name of the pet shop was "Family Friends".I eventually scraped the idea and went with a simpler image but I liked the sketch anyway.


This week I am showcasing some portraits I did .  As you can see, I need help with shading techniques .and texture.  I am trying to learn new technique everyday so I will keep practicing and do some more portraits in the future.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Movie Poster

This week I have decided to showcase some of my Graphic Design work.  This was a Movie Poster I did for school in Photoshop.  The project was to come up with an original movie and create a poster for it.  The star of my movie was myself, of course, and my boyfriend who is seen here as the vampire.

Domino Effect

Domino Effect
"A series of similar or related events occurring as a direct and inevitable result of one initial event". (Collins English Dictionary).

This is my first graphic piece displayed on the site.  It was done in Adobe Illustrator. It was one of my class project, another work I feel obliged to share with you all.   Each student was given a word to create a design that best depicts the word.   My word was "domino".  

Friday, 10 October 2014


I've heard its called "mind mapping".  It is a wonderful depiction of one's vision or goals using pictures and words.  Despite being an assignment for one of my classes, it became a referral to help me stay focused.  This is a picture of my goals and how I see myself in the distant future.   The most important is my goal as a Graphic Design student.   I look forward to owning my Bachelor's Degree.  The other things within my periphery are important as well, but my main focus is finishing my degree.

This drawing is full of colour and depicts  a self portrait of myself in my graduation gown.  I am hopeful that this will true for I know the heavenly Father above will give me the strength and will to make it come true.  

Artfully Restoring My Old Mobile Case

Hi, everyone.  This week I though it would be nice to extend my creativity in the most unsuspecting ways.  My old mobile case was the perfect canvas for my ideas.  So instead of throwing it away, I restored it.  This is recycling at its best.

I used nail polish to paint my abstract design; a clear coat of nail polish was added last to seal and give the art a gloss look.  This project was fun to paint.  I had a few brilliant colours of nail polish to paint my design.  Colours that would definitely stand out anywhere.   However, while I  was working on it, I did not know how the final piece would turn out.  When it was done, I was totally pleased.  Now, this piece of work goes everywhere with me.  I think it turned out fine, what's your opinion?

Saturday, 4 October 2014


I am Roman Catholic.  I grew up in a catholic household and I still feel closely connected to it, even though I have found myself lapsed.  To be honest, I don't regularly practice my faith; it is unfortunate how I have found myself caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.  It is a poor excuse to say that I am a bit too busy for church and this drawing reminds me to slow down and don't forget to feed my spiritual needs as well.  Right now I am being challenged to act weekly on my determination to go to church.  .When I drew this piece; it was to depict (in my opinion) three sacred items that is associated with my catholic faith and beliefs.  They are the statue of the Virgin Mary, the crucifix and the rosary.

Orange Peel

This artwork depicts my mother peeling an orange at the table.  She was not actually by the table when she was peeling the orange, I just wanted to create a background for her hands,which was what I was actually practicing to draw. Drawing hands can be tricky sometimes because you have to get the right proportion and placement of the fingers.I enjoyed drawing this piece.I like the direction of the lines of  the runner on the table because of the sense of perspective and contrast they create to the drawing .