Friday, 14 November 2014

Collaboration with Donna-Mae Clarke


            Donna-Mae Clarke is a full time art teacher, artist,
            wife and mother of three children.She is involved in the 
            arts both visual and performing .I was very 
            honoured to have her critique my Graphic 
            Design movie poster.Here is what she has to say.

        The poster ‘Count Blackula’ advertises a Trinidad
        spoof film on the movie ‘Count Dracula’. The colour                                  scheme used was reds, black and white.The title of 
      the movie is very animated with the teeth forming the 
      letter ’C’ in the word Count. The negative space in the         middle provides breathing space for the heading at the
       top and sub heading at the bottom.  The use of the
       textured back ground works well with the heavy dripping red blood and the horizontal striped foreground. The focal point of the two vertically  standing couple is effective because of the solid black of the suit on the male figure, 
this acts as a good background to highlight the coloured patterned dress of the female figure.  This poster is an effective design capturing the message of the movie which is a comic version of the scary old theme of Count Dracula with a Trini flavour.

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  1. This was an insightful analysis indeed. Thank you.